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Top 30 Most Underrated Rock Songs

Don’t you just hate it when some of the most awesome-sounding rock songs aren’t even well-known all over the Earth? I sometimes feel that way, and today I decided to make a list of 30 rock songs that I personally believe aren’t getting enough recognition for permanent survival in the music world. These are very good songs, and they SHOULD be well-known and well-liked. So, here it is: The Top 30 Most Underrated Rock Songs.

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30. “Hard Sun” by Eddie Vedder

Even though I never seen the movie Into the Wild (2007), I’m pretty sure that it’s a very good movie. With that said, this song by the Pearl Jam vocalist is quite comforting and completely mesmerizing. If you’re a fan of Vedder, then you shouldn’t miss out on this particular song.

29. “Indigo Children” by Puscifer

I’m not sure if this song is even about actual Indigo Children (boys and girls who possess paranormal abilities), but the music itself is spellbinding. Maynard James Keenan scores a big one.

28. “Seven” by Revis

It’s a fact that this band is completely underrated. If only people would hear the song mentioned above, then maybe Revis would have a chance at stardom.

27. “The Background” by Third Eye Blind

This one even surpasses hits like “Semi-Charmed Life” and “Jumper?” A song that deals with losing that special someone (whether it is because of divorce or death) is always touching, so this one could have been a definite single.

26. “Master of Light” by Monster Magnet

Monster Magnet is the most epic rock band of the modern psychedelic rock era. It’s unfortunate, however, that most of their music is neglected by the general public. The good news is that they have loyal following that is slowly growing every year. It’s no doubt that Monster Magnet’s diehard fans enjoy songs such as “Heads Explode” and “Powertrip.” “Master of Light” is also an awesome song, but it’s rarely talked about even by fans. This song would do well if it’s admired by more and more people.

25. “Inside Out” by Anthrax

Straight from their most underrated album, Anthrax’s “Inside Out” features an outstanding guitar solo by the late Dimebag Darrell. Everything else about this song is great as well.

24. “Break the Silence” by Killswitch Engage

Not only is this a kickass hardcore rock song, the lyrics sound surprisingly poetic and beautiful. A major plus for Killswitch Engage (nice name, by the way).

23. “Alive and Kicking” by Nonpoint

This is enjoyably intense from start to finish. Even if it is nu-metal (a very notorious genre), it can leave a very satisfying taste in all five senses.

22. “There and Back Again” by Daughtry

I may not like Daughtry, but this particular song wakes me up whenever I feel fatigued. Energetic, enthusiastic, and undeniably loud, this 3-minute song hits all the right notes.

21. “Awake and Dreaming (Consolation Day)” by Finger Eleven

This was created back when Finger Eleven was moodier and more poetic. It’s a beautiful song, complete with memorable lyrics and satisfactory vocals.

20. Tie between “Find the Words” and “In Vain” by Mad at Gravity

It’s a shame that this band separated in the mid-2000’s. They could’ve been big in the next several years. With that said, I felt torn between “Find the Words” and “In Vain,” so I chose both of them for this list. These two songs showcase the band’s meaningful lyrics and complex instrumentations.

19. “Something More” by Sinch

The lyrics in this song are also meaningful. Plus, the main chorus is just unforgettable.

18. “Losing my Senses” by Megadeth

Who would’ve thought that Megadeth had its own share of underrated songs? Well, they have plenty of them from all over the place. This song in particular, from their album entitled The World Needs a Hero, is an unrecognized marvel. It’s got everything that people would expect from Megadeth: rough and unpretentious vocals, ethereal-sounding guitars and basses, and extraordinarily well-played drums.

17. “Solitaire/Unraveling” by Mushroomhead

I’m not going to debate whether or not Mushroomhead is better than Slipknot (this argument is pointless, anyway). I will say that this song is dark and intense. The vocal contrasts between J Mann and Jeffrey Nothing are especially endearing.

16. “They Came In” by Butthole Surfers

Okay, let’s finish up snickering at the band’s questionable name. “They Came In” combines rock with hardcore techno. Lyrics are minimal, so the music is the biggie here.

15. “Everyday is Exactly the Same” by Nine Inch Nails

It may be depressing as hell, but one can’t deny that this does have a connection with today’s scary reality.

14. “One of a Kind” by Breaking Point

If this song wasn’t associated only with wrestling, then this would be a huge mainstream hit.

13. “Speed King” by Deep Purple

Okay, now we’re going straight into the past. Deep Purple is one of the most successful bands in the 1970’s, and it shows. Hits like “Smoke on the Water” and “Child in Time” prove that these men know what they’re doing. However, “Speed King” should be a much higher hit than it is now. How come very few people can recognize this one?

12. “Take the Highway” by The Marshall Tucker Band

So Southern Rock isn’t for everybody, but that doesn’t mean that it should be looked at in a negative light nowadays. Southern Rock isn’t just for rednecks. It can also be for Asians, Latinos, African-Americans, etc. “Take the Highway” is a prime example of the beauty of this specific genre. With a length of over six minutes, it has everything that Southern Rock is known for. And no, I don’t mean cotton or shotguns. I’m talking about fiddles, flutes, BBQ, and the like.

11. “Slip Kid” by The Who

“Baba O’Riley” and “Won’t Get Fooled Again” may be more popular, but “Slip Kid” is much more significant. It basically tells us that the music business can be a huge risk in people’s lives.

10. “Live Again” by Sevendust

Beautiful and important, Sevendust has created excellence with this song that deals with survival amidst all the bullshit that goes on in the real world.

9. “Wake Up” by Korn

Straight out of their album entitled Issues, this one is loud, menacing, and enjoyable for all the right reasons.

8. “Addicted to Chaos” by Megadeth

Yet another epic song from Megadeth that just doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. It’s not even filler. It’s a musical masterpiece that’ll entice fans of thrash.

7. “So Long” by Everlast

Well, it’s a mix of rock, country, and hip-hop. So it’s technically rock. Let’s not argue about this, shall we?

6. “Paint it Black” by The Rolling Stones

While this is considered a hit, it’s rarely talked about in today’s world. Even if it’s featured in the movie Full Metal Jacket, it’s almost unrecognizable among the general public. It’s a shame, because “Paint it Black” is a satisfying work of genius from The Rolling Stones.

5. “Custard Pie” by Led Zeppelin

Is this a song about sex, or a song about dessert? I guess it doesn’t matter as long as it’s played exceptionally well by the always-brilliant Led Zeppelin.

4. “Late Goodbye” by Poets of the Fall

Fans of Max Payne 2 rejoice! This one is a gratifying experience from beginning to end. Beautiful and remarkably powerful.

3. “Was I Right or Wrong” by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Any true fan of Lynyrd Skynyrd would know that there’s more than just “Sweet Home Alabama” and “Free Bird.” “Was I Right or Wrong” is so underrated that I would do anything to put it on mainstream radio. The fact that this song is so unknown really baffles me.

2. “A Thousand Stars” by Monster Magnet

It may sound simple, but it’s dazzling nonetheless. Every second of this song is pure gold. It gets better after repeated listening.

1. “Rapture of the Deep” by Deep Purple

Doesn’t anyone even know that Deep Purple is still alive and well? This song was released back in 2005, and it still not popular? What the hell?! This one’s got it all: fine vocals, catchy melodies, and ethereal imagery. It’s fun to listen to. So why isn’t it well-known around the world, for God’s sake?! I hope more and more people discover this song and it quickly becomes one of their favorites.

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